Welcome to Creating Visuals 

Perth’s number one, full service, CONTENT CREATION company specialising in lifestyle, food, and fitness photography and videography for social media.

With a unique creative style, we create stand-out, online content for brands to enhance their special value, personality and in-turn,  drive sales. 

I'm Sonja, director and owner of Creating Visuals. Starting as a health and fitness blogger during university, my love for capturing the magic in the everyday evolved into creating content for multiple health food brands and fitness companies. Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management, I realised the power visual images have in enforcing messages to an audience, so I started Creating Visuals.

My passion for film and photography shows in my work, which I do with absolute pride and professionalism. With hard work and dedication, I aim to meet your companies needs, exceed expectations, and create something special. 

At Creating Visuals we bring value to your brand by creating videos and still images that express your point of difference, brand image and personality. Working in a fun and creative environment, we aim to deliver professional, high quality content that engages and excites customers, driving them towards making a purchase. 

We look forward to meeting with you and working with you to create memorable content that embodies what you stand for, to not only gain attention, but to gain customers.


Sonja Tennberg

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